How to Wear, Care For, and Clean a Golf Glove?

Even though your golf gloves may not be the most expensive and precious item in your golf bag; they play an important role in your golf game. Over time, improper care can lead to ruined gloves that need quicker replacing. This cost can eventually add up. It is also essential to ensure your premium golf gloves fit correctly, so they are comfortable to wear throughout your game.


What Size Golf Glove Do I Need?

Even the most premium golf gloves, if ill-fitting, do not perform or feel good. Golf glove sizes are generally standard (small, medium, large, etc.). A properly fitting glove should be snug around your fingertips but loose enough in the base so you can easily make a fist. If you cannot fully close your hand, the glove is too small. If you have questions about your idea golf glove size, visit our website for more information on custom golf glove sizing.


How to Care for a Golf Glove?

Caring for your golf gloves will help keep them working well. Let’s review a few tips for keeping your gloves feeling like new and decrease wear and tear. First, take your glove off after each shot. This practice allows your glove to dry out between shots and protects your skin from moisture and bacteria build-up.


Also, when your golf gloves are not in use, keep them flat to air out. Even the best golf gloves for sweaty hands need to air out properly. Pro tip: attach them somewhere around your golf cart while driving between holes to air out the glove quicker. Between shots, avoid crumpling the glove in your pocket. This traps moisture and may hinder drying entirely.


Remember: Do not use your golf glove as a towel. Although this may seem obvious, it happens! This practice can lead to dirty, stained, or even ruined premium golf gloves. Use a towel or soft brush to clean golf balls instead of wiping off the dirt with your glove. Similarly, use a soft towel to wipe sweat from your forehead or hands. Salt from sweat breaks down leather and leads to faster deterioration of your glove.


How to Clean a Premium Golf Glove?

Keeping your golf glove clean ensures it lasts longer. Because our premium golf gloves are made from 100% AAA Cabretta leather, many people wonder how to safely keep them clean.


First, only wash them if they are noticeably dirty. If needed, use a hand towel soaked with water and a mild dish detergent to gently rub the stains clean. After, air dry your gloves-never put them in the dryer. Also, never use a washing machine to clean your golf gloves; premium golf gloves should only be hand washed.


Now that you know how to choose, care for, and clean your golf glove, it’s time to find the best custom golf glove for you. Visit us at Gimmie Golf Co. today to view our selection of fun golf gloves.

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