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ON THE BEACH Magnetic Golf Towel

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On The Beach

Introducing the “On The Beach” magnetic golf towel, the golf accessory that turns your golfing mishaps into sandy successes. The success won’t be in your shot, it’ll live in your golf style out on the course. Convenience is a swing away with the “On The Beach” golf towel. Suited with a sturdy magnet and a durable carabiner, it attaches easily to your golf bag or cart, so it's always within reach when you need it. So, face the bunkers with confidence, keep your cool, and let your golf towel clean up the mess.

Not only does "On The Beach" golf towel offer a delightful aesthetic, but it also excels in functionality. Crafted from premium microfiber waffle designed material, it provides excellent absorbency, efficiently wiping away dirt and moisture from your golf clubs, balls, and hands.

Magnetic Clip For Effortless Retrieval

Equipped with a powerful magnet, this unique designed golf towel securely attaches to any metal surface, keeping it within arm's reach at all times. Say goodbye to fumbling around or losing your boring golf towel during your next round, and hello to effortless accessibility and ultimate convenience.

Waffle Design for Enhanced Cleaning

Introducing our waffle design golf towel, the secret weapon against stubborn dirt and mischievous grass stains. With its waffle pattern, this towel provides a deeper clean and enhanced dirt removal, leaving your clubs gleaming and your golf game shining like a Gimmie putt!

Machine Wash Friendly

  • Machine wash safe: Convenient cleaning, hassle-free maintenance.
  • For machine wash cleaning Gimmie golf towels, please remove carbineer before throwing in washer. Then wash golf towel using COLD water and light-soil setting. Tumble dry after.
  • DO NOT IRON our microfiber waffle design golf towels. We recommend using light steam to get any creases out.


Introducing the Gimmie Golf Towel - the towel that sticks to your golf bag like a clingy ex! Not only does this one-of-a-kind golf towel have many perks like a microfiber waffle design for a deeper clean, an all-purpose magnet and is machine washable, but also comes in all of your favorite Gimmie Golf designs.

This marvel of golf towel technology features a built-in magnet that's stronger than your buddy's excuse for a swing. With the Gimmie Golf Towel, you'll have your trusty sidekick at arm's reach, ready to wipe away your tears of joy (or frustration) and keep your clubs pristine. 

Warning: Side effects may include a boost in confidence, a higher chance of making new golf buddies, and uncontrollable towel affection. Use with caution and enjoy the magnetic madness!