What is a Gimme in Golf?

Golf is a game of rules and etiquette, and one of the most well-known customs in golf is the concept of a gimme. For those new to golf or unfamiliar with the term, a gimme is a putt that is close enough to the hole that it is considered a "gimme" and is conceded by the opponent or playing partner, without actually having to be putted.

But where did the term gimme come from? The origins of the term are unclear, but it is believed to have been coined in the early 1900s. Some speculate that it comes from the phrase "give me" as in "just give me that putt," while others suggest it may have come from the French word "gimme," meaning "to give."

Regardless of its origin, the concept of a gimme is a widely accepted and expected part of golf, particularly in casual rounds or among friends. It's not uncommon for players to concede short putts to each other, particularly when the outcome of the hole or match has already been decided.

But how do you determine what is and isn't a gimme? There are no official rules regarding the distance of a gimme, but generally, putts within a couple of feet of the hole are considered gimmes. However, it's important to remember that gimmes are a courtesy, not a requirement, and it's up to the discretion of the players involved to decide whether or not to concede a putt.

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