What Features and Criteria Should You Consider When Choosing the Best Golf Glove for You?

Golf gloves are designed to improve your game in several ways. They help to reduce the impact of sweaty hands on your grip. They improve your overall grip and swing. Premium golf gloves also protect your hands from blistering and damage. To get the most benefit out of your golf gloves, choosing the best golf gloves for you is important. Let’s discuss a few criteria you should look for when deciding on new golf gloves.


Consider the Right Materials

Not all golf gloves are created equally, and there are a few material options you can choose from. Golf gloves are generally leather, synthetic, or a combination. Combination gloves usually have leather palms and fingers with synthetic material throughout the rest of the glove. Synthetic gloves are manufactured entirely from synthetic (non-leather) materials. Although they are often cheaper than leather, they do not breathe as well and are thicker.


Our custom golf gloves at Gimmie Golf Co. are manufactured using only the finest AAA Cabretta leather. Leather gloves are softer and form to the shape of your hand. This helps improve your grip and contact with the club.


Get the Right Golf Glove Size

Ill-fitting golf gloves will inevitably be uncomfortable and unlikely help your gameplay. Sizing for golf gloves is similar to other gloves. Men's golf gloves and women's golf gloves come in a range of sizes, so be sure to choose the one that fits your hand best.


Select a Breathable Golf Glove

Even the best golf gloves can feel warm on a hot day. When selecting your fun golf gloves, be sure to choose a model that breathes. The best golf gloves for sweaty hands are made from comfortable, soft material that allows your hands to breathe.


Order the Best Glove for You

Most golf gloves on the market are all white or white with darker accents. Although this color pallet has been popular among golfers for decades, it is time to jazz up your golf gloves, so they reflect your fun style and dynamic personality.


At Gimmie Golf Co., our gloves are designed and created with fun in mind while helping you golf your best. Our colored golf gloves offer all of the essential features you need to feel on your game, with a jazzy twist. We believe you can protect your hands and improve your game with a cool golf accessory you will want to wear. Visit us at Gimme Golf Co. today to check out our line of golf gloves for men and women.

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